Faith Hurley, Scopist / Case CATalyst

Over 20 Years of Court Reporting Experience in Depositions, Arbitrations, Trials and Hearings.

"C"oncentration of an air traffic controller
"O"ptimistic attitude
"U"ndying loyalty

"R"estraint of a guard at Buckingham Palace
"E"ndless energy
"P"atience of a saint
"R"eady at the writer

Scopist with Trusted Service + Proven Record

A Court Reporter for 20+ years - now focusing on Scoping for other Court Reporters.

Hello to all you busy Court Reporters.

I was a Court Reporter for over 20 years, but now focusing my work on Scoping for other Court Reporters.

I am here to help you through all the "crazy." I know how stressful it can be at times (sometimes it seems like "all the time.")

When I was Court Reporting, I found it difficult to balance my personal life with my professional life. Unfortunately for me, I chose not to utilize a Scopist until my final years of Court Reporting. I wish I would have made the choice long before I did because I was able to create more of a balance in my life. With just that one less step in the process of Court Reporting, I found I had more time to spend with family, friends and even some "me time."

Sometimes it's overflow.
Sometimes it's a rush/expedite.
Sometimes it's an overnighter.
Sometimes it's an emergency.
Sometimes it's for some "me time."
Sometimes, dog-gone it, you just need a break.

If you find yourself running in circles trying to accomplish your daily obligations, please consider my Scoping services and contact

Why A Scopist?

Many Court Reporters will transition into Scoping for a couple of reasons:

They want to work 100% from home.

It was their favorite step in the process of their job as a working reporter.

There are schools for learning how to become a Scopist which can be researched online.

For rates and/or further information, please contact

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