Faith Hurley, Scopist / Case CATalyst

Over 20 Years of Court Reporting Experience in Depositions, Arbitrations, Trials and Hearings.

"C"oncentration of an air traffic controller
"O"ptimistic attitude
"U"ndying loyalty

"R"estraint of a guard at Buckingham Palace
"E"ndless energy
"P"atience of a saint
"R"eady at the writer

Scopist with Trusted Service + Proven Record

A Court Reporter for 20+ years - now focusing on Scoping for other Court Reporters.

Hello to all you busy Court Reporters.

I was a Court Reporter for over 20 years, but now focusing my work on Scoping for other Court Reporters.

I am here to help you through all the "crazy." I know how stressful it can be at times (sometimes it seems like "all the time.")

When I was Court Reporting, I found it difficult to balance my personal life with my professional life. Unfortunately for me, I chose not to utilize a Scopist until my final years of Court Reporting. I wish I would have made the choice long before I did because I was able to create more of a balance in my life. With just that one less step in the process of Court Reporting, I found I had more time to spend with family, friends and even some "me time."

Sometimes it's overflow.
Sometimes it's a rush/expedite.
Sometimes it's an overnighter.
Sometimes it's an emergency.
Sometimes it's for some "me time."
Sometimes, dog-gone it, you just need a break.

If you find yourself running in circles trying to accomplish your daily obligations, please consider my Scoping services and contact

Why A Scopist?

Many Court Reporters will transition into Scoping for a couple of reasons:

They want to work 100% from home.

It was their favorite step in the process of their job as a working reporter.

There are schools for learning how to become a Scopist which can be researched online.

For rates and/or further information, please contact

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"I’ve been working with Faith as my primary scopist for the past several months; during that time we’ve done many expedites as well as a few weeks of daily transcripts for a trial.  A lot of my work is challenging medical experts and patent infringement case work that can sometimes be tedious to get through. I have found Faith’s work to be up to par with industry standards.  She is a good communicator and pays particular attention to deadlines.  Whenever we may have miscommunicated, which likely would have been my fault, she has shown herself to be ready to be a team player and work overtime to get the jobs turned out. In addition to being a good scopist, she is also a pleasant person with which to work, and I would recommend her to another reporter for those reasons."
James B. California & Nevada
"It is my pleasure to recommend Faith Hurley as a professional court reporting scopist. I have been a freelance court reporter for 20 years, and in working with Faith for the past two years, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of work that she has done for me. Faith possesses solid verbal and written language skills which enable her to produce top-quality transcripts. She also has the analytical skills to determine problems or confusing items within my transcripts and to offer solutions. Faith is extremely diligent in her work. She’s very thorough and treats my transcripts as if they were her own. She also appreciates the rush deadlines that are so common and is always available and willing to meet these deadlines. Her many years of court reporting have provided her with scoping skills that I have found to be unmatched. I would recommend Faith for any scoping position without reservation. I highly respect her for the outstanding work she does. After working with Faith, I will never use anyone else for my scoping work because I know I am getting out the best transcripts with her services."
Paula R. Freelance Court Reporter, MN